> Day Trip - Atchison, KS

Christmas at Nell Hill's
More Christmas
Christmas Mantle
Hanging Christmas Display
Garrity's Table Display
Drug Store Soda Fountain
Historic Home
Historic Home
Historic Home
The Whale House
Historic Home
For Sale
Historic Home
The Gargoyles
The Streets
Glick Mansion
Glick Mansion
Photographer Me
Leaving Kansas
Street Signs
Former Brokerage House
Railey & Bros.
Weston, MO
Police Dept.
Ford Fairlane
Briarcliff Home
Nell Hill's-Briarcliff
Kansas City Skyline
Inside Union Station
Bart & the Fountain
The Fountain Show
Harvey House Diner
Bart and the Train
Union Station Train
Me & the train
Old Pullman Car
Union Station
The Gargoyle House